Paradox Sports - Grand Teton 

Grand Teton, WY:  Sept 3-6, 2014

Pushing the limits for Vasu is to show what we, as humans, are truly capable of. No matter how different each of us are; disability or not. The possibilities are endless once you set you mind to it. 

To help spread this mission, Vasu embarked on an adventure to climb the infamous Grand Teton in Moose, WY alongside Paradox Sports, the Exum Mountain Guides, and a team of four other adaptive athletes. The 9 mile, 5000+ ft approach to the peak was the first ascent of the Grand Teton by an adaptive athlete on crutches. He had never experienced anything like this before. An experience that he and the team would never forget.

With the help of Paradox Sports and the cinematography of Will Strathmann, Vasu has the ability to spread the word through their new short film, A Grand Pursuit. First premiering in September at the 2015 Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, CO and viewable online at the Film Festival Flix during the month of February, A Grand Pursuit will be showcasing in 2016. Check out the trailer to experience the journey! For more information please check out

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